What is the Kids In The Creek Program?

“This is the only time my students have any field experience with nature and natural experience professionals‚Ķthank you for all the exemplary work you do to make this epic awesome event happen each year.”-Joyce Block, Wenatchee High School

"KITC is an avenue for kids to get out of the textbook and see science in action." -Kellie James, Upper Valley Christian School

Kids in the Creek is...

How Is Kids in the Creek Organized?

Program Basics

The activities are designed for high school students. Area schools are invited each year to apply for the program. Once approved and notified, the classroom teacher attends a training on the program and the curriculum. Teachers are asked to do pre- and post- work activities with students. They are to ensure that students and chaperones understand their responsibilities. This procedure may be formalized by using the application, contract, and teacher planning forms found in the Appendix.


Participants work in small groups led by resource specialists. For a quality experience, groups should contain 12 students or less per station at any one time. Groups with names like Mayflies, Riffles, Fry, Salmonids, Shredders, and Cedars, rotate through each of the six stations until all groups converge at Watershed Wonders.

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."- Albert Einstein